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Trust & Probate Litigation

Sometimes the decedent’s best intentions to pass on their worldly possessions to their loved ones by will or trust can lead to contentious disputes and even litigation over the distribution of the assets. This defeats the entire purpose of leaving written instructions. This is why you need a trust & probate litigation lawyer.

The creator of the documents is now deceased and the only indication of their intent is a will or trust document. Many times these documents were written many years before they were needed. Things change. Families change. Fortunes change. Laws change. Wills and trusts which do not reflect those changes are open to dispute among the beneficiaries. These are just some of the reasons you may need a trust & probate litigation lawyer.

There are many reasons why parties, usually family members, bring their disputes over inheritance to court. The goal for any party in such a case should be to protect their rights under the law and to be fully prepared to present a compelling case to the judge.

Trust and estate litigation can be complicated. It involves not only the knowledge of Trust and Probate law but also litigation procedure, which involves discovery, deposition, trial procedure, etc. Bill is experienced with the laws and procedures regarding trust and estate litigation.

Going to court can be an intimidating experience. There are rules and procedures which must be followed. It is not enough to step up to the bench and explain your position to the judge. This generally does not go well for the beneficiary. It is imperative you seek proper counsel to represent you in these matters.

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